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Wat Lai  

Luang Phor Uthong

Wat Lai in Lopburi was build during the Ayutthaya period. There is so much to see here and we met a really nice older monk, so we spent a lot of time at the temple. Most importantly there are two important Buddha images in this temple. Pra Sri Ariyamettrai (below) who represents an ordinary person who will become the next Buddha. It was cast in memory of Phra Sri Ariyamettrai, a monk who lived and died here. The original image was cast in 1629-1656. In the old vihara is Luang Phor Uthong, a beautiful statue (above). There is also beautiful stucco decorations on the eastern and western walls of the old vihara, dating back to the early Ayutthaya period.  

Viharn of Wat Lai

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