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Stolen Buddha image from Wat Latthiwan

Stolen Buddha from Wat Latthiwan

Warning! This wooden Buddha image has been stolen in December 2008 from Wat Latthiwan in the district of Thai Charoen, Yasothon province. Please help us and the temple to get this image back. 

If you see this image somewhere being offered for sale or you see pictures of it in any publication or web site, auction site, private collection  or a trader, please DO NOT BUY IT. Please report it as a stolen image to the police. The temple has already informed the local authorities about the theft and we are doing our best to support them. This is a very poor temple for local farmers in rural Northeastern Thailand. The farmers are devastated that their Buddha image was stolen. Unfortunately Ong Bak is just a movie and in reality there is no hero who gets the Buddha back through martial arts. 

If you have any information about the wooden Buddha image you can also contact us directly through the feedback link below and we will call the abbot of the temple and local authorities. Alternatively within Thailand you can call a contact person of the abbot at 0897973306 (outside Thailand +66897973306)

Stolen Buddha from Wat Latthiwan

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