Temples of  Thailand - a photographic journey

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Temples in Eastern Thailand    

Chonburi Province

Wat Thammanimit

Wat Yai Intharam

Wat Ton Son

Phra Phutthasihing Pavilion

Wat Ang Sila

Wat Komut Rattanaram 

Wat Samet

Wat Ngoen Sutthawat

Wat Khao Phra Bat (Bang Lamung)

Wat Phra Yai (Bang Lamung)

Wat Chai Mongkhon (Bang Lamung)

Wat Photi Sam Phan (Bang Lamung)

Wat Chom Lom (Bang Lamung)

Wat Sri Wanaram (Sri Ratcha)

Wat Koh Loi (Si Ratcha)

Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine (Ko Si Chang)

Tham Chakrapong Monastery (Ko Si Chang)

Wat Tham Yai Phrik (Ko Si Chang)

Wat Atsadang Nimit (Ko Si Chang)

Wat Yannasang Wararam Woramahawihan (Bang Lamung)

Buddha Image of Khao Chi Chan (Sattahip)

Wat Khao Bamphen Bun (Bang Lamung)

Wat Sattahip (Sattahip)

Wat Samakhi Banphot (Sattahip)

Wat Bang Sare (Sattahip)

Phra Panatsabodi Pavilion (Phanat Nikhom)

Wat Luang Phrommawat (Phanat Nikhom)

Wat Tai Ton Lan (Phanat Nikhom)

Rayong Province

Wat Pa Pradu

Wat Lum Maha Chaichumphon

Phra Phutta Angkhirot Pavilion

Wat Khot Thimtharam

Wat Paknam

Wat Saranat Thammaram (Klaeng)

Wat Khao Kradon (Klaeng)

Wat Kong Din (Klaeng)

Chantaburi Province

Wat Phailom

Wat Thong Thua

Wat Bot Mueang

Wat Plup

Trat Province

Wat Buppharam

Wat Yotha Nimit

Wat Pai Lom

Chachoengsao Province

Wat Sothornwararam

Wat Chomphothayaram

Wat Photharam

Wat Saenphudat 

Wat Apai Patikaram

Wat Pitulathiraj Rangsalit

Wat Phayak Intharam

Prachinburi Province

Boran Sathan Muang Sri Mahosot

Wat Sra Morakot

Wat Ton Pho Sri Mahapho

Wat Kaeo Phichit

Wat Chaeng

Nakhon Nayok  Province

Wat Yai Takinaram

Wat Amphawan (Ban Na)

Wat Bang Or Nai (Ban Na)

Wat Thong Lang (Ban Na) 

Wat Tha Chang

Wat Phot Thi Nayok

Wat Bunnak

Wat Prommanee

Wat Khao Kok (Ban Na)

Sa Kaeo Province

Wat Sa Kaeo

Wat Nakhon Tham (Watthana Nakhon)

Eastern Thailand image

We had long put off a trip to the east of Thailand. Mainly because of the perception we had of Pattaya and all the talk about sex tourism and mass tourism.  So we planned a relatively "save" vacation by booking a private resort with private beach VERY far south of Pattaya in Chonburi Province. Since it was during the rainy season of 2003 we didn't really expect to travel too much, but when the weather turned out much better than we had hoped we got our cameras out and went on several day trips. Chonburi had to offer several nice temples, tourist attractions like Nong Nut Garden with all it's flowers and a wonderful Thai Culture Show. Chonburi City had some beautiful temples to offer. The island of Koh Si Chang was a great experience and allowed us to visit the only royal temple ever built on an island. Pattaya itself was a quick trip in and out, mainly to visit Wat Chai Mongkhon, just a block from the massage parlors. Sattahip in the south offered great beaches and even greater seafood places. Rayong Province wasn't really spoiled with any tourists (at least not from the West). Since our trip here happened despite the SARS scare, we almost had the beaches, hotels and pools to ourselves. Since Thailand put a lot of measures in place to keep the country SARS free, we felt very confident in traveling to our favorite country and support the already troubling tourism industry. 

We did another extensive trip to the eastern provinces during the rainy season of 2008. Just like the first time, in 2003, we had a major event happending which drew the tourists off to other countries or cause them to cancel their trips. This time it was the political unrest and the demonstrations for the removal of the prime minister Samak. With tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bangkok and a hopelessly overwhelmed police force, the local traffic police in Chonburi just went off on the rest of the thai people and the tourists and blocked the traffic whereever they could. From the short distance from Jomtien to Chonburi we had no less than seven !!! traffic blocks by the local police force. 

Compared with the other provinces of the East we found the people from Chonburi the most unfriendly. Most temples were closed and even on the Buddha day we did not find them open. I have to think hard but I believe that we never saw a single monk in any of the temples we visited. Given the fact that we visited twice during rainy season when the monks retreat to their temples, it is very strange. So, if we want to visit temples to pay our respect to the Buddha images, we probably just use the by-pass and go to the other provinces in the future. 

In 2008 we also grouped the provinces of Chachoengsao, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok with the eastern provinces. We had them in the central provinces before. For the first time we also toured Sa Kaeo province and added this province to our pages. We only managed to visit two temples though because we spent several hours in them and visted Prasat Khao Noi, which are featured on our Khmer temples site on www.gorupa.com



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