Temples of  Thailand - a photographic journey

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Temples in North Eastern Thailand

Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Wat Phra Narai Maharat

Wat Sutthachinda

Wat Khao Chan Ngam

Wat Thammachak Semaram

Wat Na Phrathat

Wat Sala Loi

Wat Sala Thong

Wat Pa Salawan

Wat Nok (Chokchai)

Wat Maha Viharn (Pak Chong)

Wat Ban Rai (Dan Khun Thot)

Wat Pa Sung Noen (Sung Noen)

Wat Yai Sung Noen (Sung Noen)

Chayaphum Province

Wat Prang Ku

Wat Sila Art Puphra

Wat Siri Pong Sawat (Chaturak)

Khon Kaen Province

Wat Sri That

Wat Nong Wang

Wat That

Wat Chotiyaphum/Phra That Kham Kaen

Ku Praphachai

Wat Phra Bat Phu Pan Kham

Wat Phon Phaeng (Phu Wiang)

Wat Sra Bua Kaeo (Nong Song Hong)

Wat Suan Weruwan

Wat Pho Chai Ban Wha

Udon Thani Province

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park (Ban Phue)

Wat Phra Buddha Bhath Bua Bhok (Ban Phue)

Wat Pho Chaisi (Ban Phue)

Wat Pho Si Nai

Wat Machimawas

Wat Thippayarat Nimit

Wat Pa Ban Tat

Maha Sarakham Province

Wat Suwanawas (Kantharawichai)

Wat Suwan Monkhon (Kantharawichai)

Wat Puttha Monkhon (Kantharawichai)

Phra That Nadoon (Nadoon)

Roi Et Province

Wat Buraphaphiram

Wat Klang Ming Muang

Wat Sa Thong

Wat Nuea

Wat Bueng Phralan Chai

Phra Maha Chedi (Nong Phok)

Wat Ban Yang Kruea (Suwannaphum)

Wat That Phan Khan (Suwannaphum)

Nong Bua Lamphu Province

Wat Mahachai

Wat Haisok/Wat Pho Sri

Wat Phisan Ranyawat

Wat That Han Thau

Wat Pa Sri Sawang

Wat Tham Klong Pane

Wat Pho Somsa-At

Kalasin Province

Wat Phra That Yakhu (Kammalasai)

Wat Po Chai Semaran (Kammalasai)

Wat Pa Buddha Mongkhon

Wat Tai

Wat Klang

Wat Si Bunruang

Wat Inpratanporn

Phra Phrom Phumi Palo

Wat Phra Buddha Nimit Pukao

Wat Sakkawan

Wat Samakki Tham Bua Khao (Kuchi Narai)

Wat Phochai Ban Nong Hang (Kuchi Narai)

Wat Silaart Chitrat Rangsan (Kuchi Narai)

Wat Simnago (Kuchi Narai)

Wat Kok Dong Kut Wa (Kuchi Narai)

Si Saket Province

Wat Lan Kuat

Wat Maha Buddharam

Wat Sra Kamphaeng Yai (Uthumphon Phisai)

Wat Prasat Ban Mueang Chan (Mueang Chan)

Wat Prasat Ban Prasat (Mueang Chan)

Wat Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Noi (Uthumphon Phisai)

Wat Phia Nam

Wat Phra That Rueang Rong

Wat Kien Buraparam (Khu Khan)

Wat Phra Puttha Bat Phu Sing (Phu Sing)

Buriram Province

Phra Suphatara Bophitr

Wat Hong (Phutthaisong)

Wat Kun Kong (Nang Rong)

Wat Po Yoi (Pa Kham)

Wat Klang

Surin Province

Wat Phra That Phanom Din (Tha Tum)

Wat Prasat Hin Chom Phra  (Chom Phra)

Wat Prasat Kaeo

Wat Burapharam

Wat Chom Suthawat/Prasat Muang Thi

Wat Nasam

Wat Khao Phanom Sawai/Wat Phanom Sila Ram

Phra Buddha Surinthara Mongkhol




Isan image

If there was a bumper sticker that said "We love Isan", we would put it on our car! We had three extensive trips to the Northeast of Thailand. One in 2002 and two more in 2006. The first one was our first exposure to this great part of Thailand, which has not been discovered by mass-tourism. We struggled quite a bit with the difference in language and local customs, especially the super spicy food! But we had a great time visiting Udon Thani, Nong Khai, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan besides the main routes in and out of Isan. We specially loved the stretches along the River Mekong. On this first trip we also visited several Khmer Sanctuaries, like Phimai. Unfortunately Khao Phra Viharn in Cambodia was closed at short notice and we stood somewhat stunned in front of the border gates.

On our second trip, Khao Phra Viharn was open and provided us with a wonderful experience. However, as chimburi.com is about Thai temples, we feature the Khmer Sanctuaries on www.gorupa.com   . But we visited over 60 temples on our second trip. Many small ones but also several really nice temples with very important Buddha images. We were also lucky in so far that two temples that were closed on our first trip were open this time. 

Returning to Isan again at the end of 2006, we returned to Nong Khai and visited Loei for the first time. This trip was a true adventure trip, with a street disappearing due to a landslide at the farthest possible and remote point and a fall into a waterfall, which damaged one of our cameras. We were almost driven off the road by a mad truck driver at night and picked up a virus, which stayed with us for a long time! But hey, we are still alive!

In 2007 we enjoyed several weeks of Boon Bang Fai/Rocket Festival in Isan. I am now convinced that "Isan can party!" is the best motto for this time of the year. While we have written about the festival on our password protected site, we have posted an additional 60+ temples on this site as well. 

Isan is a special place. We have a true "Isan-man" as part of our travel team, which opened many doors and hearts of Isan people.  We have never been so welcomed as in Yasothon Province, which will be a place to go back many times. Nong Bua Lamphu on the other side will be the province in our minds where almost all temples were closed. Something we never understood, as we consider temples as a place for Buddhists to gather and pray. Instead the Buddha images were locked away behind closed doors. 

Besides the temples there are the already mentioned Khmer Sanctuaries, many national parks like Phu Wiang in Khon Kaen Province or the whole area around Khong Chiam along the border with Laos with Sao Cha Liang National Park and Pha Taem Nationalpark, which proviced us with stunning views and the first sunrise of Siam. The Emerald Triangle between Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is another special place to experience.

Since our first trip to Isan in 2002 we had been back many times. Last time we did some extensive travel here was in May and June 2008. We found some special temples like Wat Phra Lao Tepnimit in Amnat Charoen, which we use for our own ceremonies and are trying to go back every year. We also became quite fond of the Isan celebrations like the Rocket Festival, happening in May/June each year. 


Nong Khai Province

Wat Hin Mak Peng (Sri Chiangmai)

Wat Phra Buddha Baht Wern Gum (Sri Chiangmai)

Wat Aranya Banphot (Sri Chiangmai)

Wat Phra That Bang Puan

Wat Sri Chomphu Ong Tue (Tha Bo)

Wat Tha Kok Ruea (Tha Bo)

Wat Amphawan (Tha Bo)

Wat Po Chai

Wat Pradit Thammakhun

Phra That Nong Khai

Wat Sri Bunruang

Wat Sri Khun Muang

Wat Sri Muang

Wat Ko Soey Khet

Sakon Nakhon Province

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum

Wat Pa Suthawat

Wat Phra That Dum

Wat Phra That Narai Cheng Weng

Wat Pochai

Wat Buddha Saiyaram

Nakhon Phanom Province

Wat Phra That Phanom (That Phanom)

Wat Puttha Sima (That Phanom)

Wat Ban Nam Kam (That Phanom)

Wat Phra That Renu Nakhon (Renu Nakhon)

Wat Hua Wiang Rangsi

Wat Maruka Nakhon

Wat Sri Chan Trawat

Wat In Plang

Wat Mahathat

Wat Klang

Wat Pho Sri

Wat Sri Thep Pradittharam

Wat Okat Si Buaban

Wat Phra That Tha Uthen (Tha Uthen)

Wat Trai Phum (Tha Uthen)

Mukdahan Province

Wat Sri Sumang Wanaram

Wat Yod Kaeo Sri Wichai

Wat Si Mongkon Thai

Wat Manophirom (Wan Yai)

Wat Sri Maha Pho (Wan Yai)

Wat Lak Tik Wan (Wan Yai)

Wat Pa Wiwek (Wan Yai)

Wat Si Mongkon Nuea

Wat Sri Bun Rueang

Wat Roi Phra Bat Phu Manorom

Wat Banphot Khiri (Nong Sung)

Wat Si Nan Thawararam (Nong Sung)

Wat Phichit Sangkharam (Nong Sung)

Wat Narawararam (Nong Sung)

Wat Si Montha (Kham-I)

Wat Klang (Don Tan)

Wat Phu Dan Tae Wat Phutto Thammatharo (Nikhom Kham Soi)

Wat Ku Kamphra (Dong Luang)

Wat Pho Si Kaeo (Dong Luang)

Amnat Charoen Province

Buddha Utthayan

Wat Phra Mongkol

Wat Tham Saeng Phet

Wat Amnat (Lue Amnat)

Wat Phra Lao Tepnimit (Phana)

Wat Chaiyatikaramit (Phana)

Wat Phra Sri Charoen (Hua Taphan)

Wat Pho Sila

Wat Pa Sri Suka Saem

Ubon Ratchathani Province

Wat Phra That Nongbua

Wat Supattanaramworawihan

Wat Si Ubonat Thalam

Wat Thung Si Muang

Wat Maha Wanaram

Wat Chaeng

Wat Si Pradu Song Tham

Wat Tai

Wat Ban Na Mueang

Wat Buraparam

Wat Nong Pa Phong

Wat Ban Kan Lueang

Wat Ban Na Khwai

Wat Tung Sri Wilai (Khuang Nai)

Wat That Sawan Dan (Khuang Nai)

Wat Sinuan Saengsawan Arom (Khuang Nai)

Wat Phu Khao Kaeo (Phibun Mangsahan)

Wat Tham Kuha Sawan (Khong Chiam)

Wat Khong Chiam (Khong Chiam)

Wat Phra To/Wat Pak Saeng  (Na Tan)

Wat Po (Khemarat)

Yasothon Province

Wat Mahathat

Wat Ampawan

Wat Sri Thammaram

Wat Thung Sawan

That Kong Khao Noi

Wat Sing Tha

Wat Sra Trai Nurak (Sai Mun)

Wat Phrom Wihan (Loeng Nok Tha)

Wat Latthiwan (Thai Charoen)

Wat Thai Charoen (Thai Charoen)

Wat Phra That Fun

Wat Phu Tham Phra (Loeng Nok Tha)

Wat Phu Tham Phra 2 (Loeng Nok Tha)

Wat Phra Phutta Baht Yasothon (Maha Chana Chai)

Wat Song Puay (Kam Khuan Kaew)

That Kong Khao Noi Ban Sadao

Phra That Ku Chan (Kam Khuan Kaew)

Wat A-Ham (Pa Tio)

Wat Ban Phon Than (Phon Than)

Loei Province

Phra That Si Song Rak (Dan Sai)

Wat Neiramit Vipassana (Dan Sai)

Wat Pho Chai (Dan Sai)

Wat Si Pochai (Na Haeo)

Phra That Din Thaen (Na Haeo)

Phra That Satcha (Tha Li)

Wat Si Khun Muang (Chiang Khan)

Wat Tha Kok (Chiang Khan)

Wat Tha Kaek (Chiang Khan)

Wat Phra Phutta Bat Phu Khwai Ngoen (Chiang Khan)

Wat Tham Erawan (Erawan)

Wat Tham Pha Bing (Wang Saphung)




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